Accurate audiology hearing screening for workplace and occupational health

Portable, interactive tests designed for workplaces

A new era of interactive hearing screening for workplaces

Clik hearing screening solutions

Designed in collaboration with expert audiologists and in partnership with screening specialists, Clik Pro delivers instant insights into hearing loss through our innovative web based platform and user-friendly screening app.

Built to meet the demands of Occupational Health and workplace hearing testing, Clik Pro is not just efficient and easy to use, but also fully portable, providing total accuracy and calibration for screening in any location.

Monitoring and detecting early signs of hearing loss caused by occupational noise exposure is crucial.

Hearing loss due to occupational noise exposure is a common and preventable workplace health issue.

Employers use Occupational Health Hearing Screening Audiometers as a proactive measure to protect employees' hearing health and comply with occupational health and safety regulations.

Regular hearing screenings help identify early signs of hearing loss, enabling the implementation of appropriate hearing conservation measures, such as providing hearing protection, engineering controls, and employee education.

Clik Pro a valuable tool in the prevention and management of hearing loss in occupational settings.

An Occupational Health Hearing Screening Audiometer is a specialised medical device used to assess the hearing ability of employees and individuals in occupational settings.

By facilitating accurate hearing assessments, it helps safeguard employees' hearing health and ensures compliance with occupational health and safety standards.

Early detection of hearing impairments allows for timely interventions, reducing the risk of further hearing damage and promoting a safer and healthier work environment.

A new era of revolutionary hearing screening technology

Patient database
Interactive testing
Accurate instant analysis
Test anyone, anytime
All in one platform.

Discover Clik Pro

Accurate audiology hearing screening for workplace and occupational health.

Designed by expert audiologists and in partnership with screening specialists, Clik Pro delivers immediate insights into hearing loss through our cutting-edge web-based platform and user-friendly hearing screening app.

Clik Pro audiology screening supports both Employers and Employees recognise the importance of hearing safety providing insight for a variety of situations including:

Workplace Safety
Pre-Employment Screening
Regulatory Compliance
Risk Assessment

Health Surveillance
Employee Well-Being
Return-to-Work Assessments
Setup of Work Environment

Accurate, effecient screening

Accurate, efficient screening

Automated and manual pure tone audiometry

Clik Pro screening audiometer is equipped with both automated and manual pure tone audiometry capabilities, generating various pure tone frequencies at different intensities.

Tailored for you and patients,  Clik Pro audiometry combines the efficiency of automated testing with options for manual controls for retesting and focussing on key frequencies.

Whether you prefer the speed of automated tests or more control for manual adjustments, Clik Pro screening adapts to your preferences and testing locations.

Ready to test anywhere

Easy to use portable screening

Unleash the power of portability - Clik Pro is ready to test anyone, anywhere, making it the ultimate audio screening solution for every imaginable location and workplace environment.

Manage test sessions from your laptop browser and run accurate audiology hearing tests with our tablet screening app and supported headphones.

Full control

Accurate headphone and environment calibration

Whether testing in a busy office, noisy industrial setting or quiet locations, Clik Pro provides settings to optimise your testing experience.

Easily calibrate your headphones with the Clik Platform to run pre-session tests, adjust to changing locations and environments delivering accurate screening results anywhere.

Real-time analysis

HSE calculations with instant indication of hearing loss

Including New MLC and CLB calculations to help the clinician identify a new noise-induced notch on the audiogram as well as HSE categorisation.

Instantly access and share screening results in a variety of formats directly from our platform to integrate with your existing workflow to enhance the efficiency of your testing sessions.

Secure database

Patient profile and screening management

Scalable patient management and profiles with secure data storage for organisation details, patient information, session information and photo uploads.

Your hearing health data is protected, Clik prioritises your and patient privacy with security measures and access control to protect your information.

Scalable user management

Easily manage access and user profiles

Clik Pro makes it simple to manage and expand your user base through our defined user-levels and access controls.

Customised access for administrators, organisation and partners, providing you with a streamlined and scalable solution for user management.

Level up your occupational health tests with portable, accurate hearing screening for workplaces.

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